Getting custom Insoles from Shapecrunch is very simple. We just need 3 photographs from your end. As soon as you buy our product, instructions are sent to you via WhatsApp and SMS.

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You Click

We only need 3 pictures of each foot to make your custom insole.

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We Make

Our engineers extract the information from pictures using proprietary algorithms and 3D design the insole to correct the biomechanics of your feet. The 3D model is printed with Poron, Plastics & Rubber.

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We Deliver

We ship your custom insole at your door in just 2 days.


Our custom 3D printed insole helps in many kind of foot problems. They are also used for comfort and running.

Fully Customized

Your insole is customized according to your feet angle, arch, heel cup, age, gender and weight using proprietary algorithms

Comfortable Walking & Running

Used material Poron would prevent the foot from pronating, and hence prevent or treat injuries related to overpronation. It also helps in recovery for injured runners

Arch Support

Some people have high arches. Others have low arches or flat feet. Arch supports generally have a “bumped-up” appearance and are designed to support the foot's natural arch

Heel Cup

Insole provide extra cushioning in the heel region. This especially useful for patients who have foot pain caused by age-related thinning of the heels' natural fat pads

Improve Biomechanics

Custom insole balance and redistribute weight and load to a more perfect and natural posture, thus reducing stress, strain, inflammation and pain

Maximize Comfort

The soft and antimicrobial Poron made layer provide comfort throughout the day

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Don’t take our word,. See what our experts says about the Insole. We have got over 1000s of positive reviews.


Finally an insole that relieved me of pain because of flat feet, ordering another pair for dress shoe. - CM Chabra

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It's exactly made according to the shape of my foot. Being a teacher I have to stand every day causing knee pain. I have been wearing shapecrunch's insole for 6 months and can't have a single day without it. - Priya

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Shapecrunch's team has been very helpful for working on my needs of foot insole and guided me well for plantar fasciitis problem. -Ishan

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Find all the answers here.

What is the durability of Insole ?

We use Poron and Flexible PLA. These materials have been tested to last for more than 5 years but we provide one-year warranty. We replace the insoles within one year in case the insole breaks.

Is this as accurate as the conventional method of making insole ?

Even better, Our engineers extract the information from your foot pictures using proprietary algorithms and calculate measurements of arch, ankle, heel. We create 3D model with the calculated parameters.

Can I use custom insole in any shoe?

Yes, you can use in any CLOSE shoe. Also we give you a choice to select SHOE TYPE when you order.

How can I use the custom insole?

If you are not used to wearing insoles, you have to increase the time gradually. e.g. First week 2-5 hour, 2nd week for 5-8 hour and from 3rd week use it for regular.

What is the price of insole?

Insole price: Rs.2000 Shipping charges: Rs.200 Total: Rs.2200


We are a small group of inventors, hackers and designers working together to solve a niche problem of foot pain and orthopaedics related custom healthcare needs.

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Nitin Gandhi

Co-Founder and CEO

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Jiten Saini

Co-Founder and CTO

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Jatin Sharma

Co-Founder and COO