Shapecrunch Custom 3D Printed Orthotics

3D Printed Custom Orthotics

Custom made Shoe Inserts for foot
Doctors trust us
50+ Sports Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Orthopaedics in India, Singapore, and USA use our technology
We make Custom Insoles
For Foot Problems, Sports and Comfort.

Every 1 in 4 person has some foot problem. Most common problems are Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic Foot, Corn, Callus etc. We make corrective custom orthotic insoles so that your biomechanics are corrected and you can walk pain free.

Custom Shoe inserts for Formal Shoes, Shapecrunch Custom Orthotics
Shapecrunch Insoles in shoes, Custom Shoe inserts
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  • Shapecrunch Review
    Fleury Maxime
    "I have currently an achilles tendon issue. The first pair I received was good but not adapted for my problem. The customer service sent me new one for free with an adapted heel. This company is the first one doing such an effort to satisfy customers. Quality of the insoles, fast delivery, easy to order. You can order eyes closed."
  • Shapecrunch review of Custom Insoles
    "It has helped me manage my heel pain. Thank you team ShapeCrunch"
  • Shapecrunch Foot Clinic Doctor
    Dr. Abhishek
    Orthopaedic - Max hospital and Founder of Delhi Foot
    "I recommend Shapecrunch orthotics to all my patients having foot problems, the advance technology shapecrunch uses helps the patient in correction and pain relief."
  • Tanya
    "Shapecrunch has provided a new life to my feet. I can run more, exercise more, walk more with much lesser pain. The quality is perfect. Will recommend who has flat foot and feel pain when walk or run for in daily routine. Helps the arch to get in shape. Cheers and thanks!"

Review by Marathoner

“Hi, I was recommended ‘Shapecrunch ‘ for a foot analysis for my marathons by my fitness expert and strength trainer. I have been using the insoles prescribed by Shapecrunch since Jan 2018 and achieved a strong finish for a full marathon at the last TMM at Mumbai. The insoles are still going good and taking me through my weekly runs in the city and even the cross country ones. Much recommend- Shapecrunch!”

– Rupali, Marathoner