Custom Orthotics by Shapecrunch, Custom Insoles and Shoe Inserts, 3D Printed shoe inserts with Arch Support and Wedging

3D Printed Custom Shoe Inserts & Ortho Slippers

For Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel pain treatment, Sports and comfort - Call +91 9999218839

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3D Printed Custom Shoe Inserts & Ortho Slippers

Ortho Slippers & Arch Support Insoles for Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel pain treatment, Sports and comfort.

Choose Foot Assessment for a Free online foot scan, Or Book Appointment to visit a Clinic. Contact 9999218839

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100+ Doctors in India, Singapore, and US are using Shapecrunch’s Technology

Shoe Insoles and Shoe Inserts effect on Foot Pain, Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis
Without and With Custom Shoe Inserts

How Foot Problem affects your Posture ?

Foot is the foundation of body. Your Feet, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Back, neck are all interconnected. E.g. Flat Foot is one of the major reason of Back problems, Knee Osteoarthritis, and many Foot and Ankle problems. As per research people with Flat Feet are 50% more likely to have Osteoarthritis. Similarly Plantar Fasciitis disrupts balance, causing you to compensate with other parts of the body. Plantar Fasciitis Disrupts Spine Health Over the Long Term

We provide full solution – Assessment, Shoe Inserts / Ortho Slippers, and further guidance so that your bio-mechanics are corrected and you stay pain free. 

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 Products – Custom made to shape of your foot

Shoe inserts and insoles for your shoes to convert your sports and formal shoes into Orthopedic shoes. Custom Ortho-Slippers with footbeds that supports the arch and aligns the body from the ground up. Constructed with variable density TPU, the sandals cushion the feet and absorb shock forces

 Process – Scan at home or Visit a Partner Clinic

You can go for foot scan at home or visit our partner clinic locations. We provide assessment report and make custom made products you require according to your foot type

Foot Scanning


Visit one of our partner clinic Locations, you may also click below to scan foot. 

3D Printed Insoles and making custom orthotics


Shapecrunch’s team of engineers digitally designs your custom orthotics and uses 3D Printing technology to manufacture.

Custom Orthotics online


We ship within 3 days of your order. All our Insoles have 6 months replacement warranty.

Foot Problems we solve 

Arch Support Insoles and Ortho Slippers –   for Foot Pain relief, Injury Prevention and Comfort

Everyone’s feet are different. Wearing the standard size shoe common made for everyone leads to foot problems. Most of these problems can be prevented by wearing customised insoles and Slippers – which are custom made for your feet and pronation, with custom arch support to provide you ultimate comfort.  Shapecrunch’s Shoe Insoles and Ortho Slippers are made in consultation with a Doctor and Orthotist.  We make corrective custom orthotics & insoles so that your biomechanics are corrected and you can walk pain free. 

Foot and Shoe Insoles

Why Shapecrunch makes the best custom shoe inserts or insoles ?

Shapecrunch makes custom arch support insoles by analysing more than 2000 points of your foot and your pronation angle. Shapecrunch’s algorithm take into account your pronation, arch, feet size, age, weight, height to design and 3D Print fully custom made Insoles with correction in your pronation.

Shapecrunch’s custom insoles are made of TPU as lower layer and PORON® as top layer. For an average active person, Insole has durability of 24 months. You can remove your existing sole to insert Shapecrunch’s Custom shoe inserts. All our customised insoles have 6 months warranty.

Shapecrunch Process of making Custom Insoles

Learn more about Shapecrunch app and process of making 3D Printed Insoles

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Shapecrunch reviews

4000+ satisfied customers wearing Shapecrunch’s custom orthotics

Based on 78 reviews
Based on 38 reviews
Koshika Varshney
Koshika V.
07:28 25 Apr 18
Good Insoles...Feeling comfortable. They fit perfectly in my shoes.
Nida Zaman Khan
Nida Zaman K.
15:36 23 Sep 19
Shapecrunch is a very coordinating and cooperative team.They are very attentive to their customers needs and very responsive .They believe in customer satisfaction and happiness. I had a measurement problem in insoles they diligently responded and exchanged the insoles with correct measurements... and supreme quality.Sometimes measurement error happens but their response and action was fantastic and appreciable and they regularly take feedbacks and I would want to especially thank Ms Anuja and Mr. Jashan for helping me out with the insoles.The insoles they have provided are comfortable, good quality and very durable.Most of my foot problem is solved thanks to the Shapecrunch team:)read more
saurabh rustagi
saurabh R.
17:01 11 Jan 17
Friendly people and really comfortable insoles. The doctor helped in understanding all my concerns and gave me best insoles for my feet.
Manish Vichitra
Manish V.
16:30 07 Mar 19
Helped in resolving long standing issues of ligament strain. Five star support!
Henry Pervez
Henry P.
10:37 21 Apr 20
To cure the supination of my feet they started with half wedge then side wedge to finally a full wedge. Held me and catered to my feedback with all iterations till I found the right fit. I have been able to walk pain free after a long time - all thanks to Shapecrunch
Tanya Wadhwa
Tanya W.
13:27 02 Aug 18
Shapecrunch has provided a new life to my feet. I can run more, exercise more, walk more with much lesser pain. The quality is perfect. Will recommend who has flat foot and feel pain when walk or run for in daily routine. Helps the arch to get in shape. Cheers and thanks!!
R K Dubey
R K D.
12:06 01 Apr 19
very useful innersoul reducing pain and increasing comfort level
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav S.
18:17 11 Jan 17
Extremely comfortable.. Great work guys. Keep it up. 👍🏻
Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj S.
05:49 11 Apr 18
good insole and feeling better love this app shape crunch
Shalu Dhar
Shalu D.
07:24 13 Nov 18
I am a sport person and highly require my foot and legs fitness. Due to vigorous exercise I was suffering from heel pain since more than 6 months. Doctors advised me to use orthotic insoles. Got the information about SHAPECRUNCH through the Internet and contacted in the given number. The phone call... was responded by jatin who seemed to be a knowledgeable and cooperating guy. My brother who was visiting me from USA also had similar problem and was prescribed for same. We both ordered total 4 pairs of insoles and got them made in just 3-4 days. We both are using them since then and now are in great relief. Happy with the service and the product. The staff is very cooperating, they even showed up the process of making these. Product are also very good, useful and value for money. Highly recommend more
Ishita Sinha
Ishita S.
15:33 27 Jun 18
I have been using my insoles for 2 weeks now. The pain and tiredness has disappeared. I can stand for long hours, walk, and dance wearing them! Also, product can be worn in monsoons-- dries up really quickly.
04:24 06 Mar 19
Best in class insoles, which not only provides comfort but also makes a pain free movement. Excellent for sportsperson and athletes, who are looking for a pain free movement, because pain free agile movement is a must for every player.
Jowher Mohsin
Jowher M.
18:29 06 Aug 18
I had placed an order for my insole (Order ID: 1793, Date: 30-Jul-2018)Hats off to their services, mobile app, and the final product.I am very happy and satisfied with the quality of their work, telephonic talks, the costs, professionalism and the ultimate product. At least in India, it should... stand at no.1read more
fleury maxime
fleury M.
09:54 02 Jul 18
I have currently an achilles tendon issue. The first pair I received was good but not adapted for my problem. The customer service sent me new one for free with an adapted heel. This company is the first one doing such an effort to satisfy customers. Quality of the insoles, fast delivery, easy to... order. You can order eyes more
Bharath Sequeira
Bharath S.
11:37 04 May 18
The best part of the company is the customer service. I ordered for a replacement after I got the first peice and I got a replacement in 2 days. INCREDIBLE!!They also continuously ask for feedback and make sure the product is useful.The insoles have given me immense relief from ankle and heel... pain, while playing and more
Ishita Sinha
Ishita S.
15:35 27 Jun 18
Excellent product. Knee pain and tiredness in the legs has gone. I recommend it to everyone with flat feet!
Ravi Shankar
Ravi S.
07:31 09 Apr 19
I had an excellent experience with Shapecrunch. I got my insoles on time, however it did not fit my shoes properly. Upon giving this feedback, the team at Shapecrunch spoke to me to understand the problem and quickly sent me a replacement that fits perfectly. I'd definitely recommend.
Vinay Dora
Vinay D.
09:46 05 Mar 19
I don't have any foot issues, yet I decided to purchase to Insoles. It's very comfortable & am kind of addicted to it now. Great work with the product quality, timely delivery and being available for support. Look forward to purchasing more products from ShapeCrunch.
amandeep kaur
amandeep K.
09:19 30 Mar 19
I had a swere pain on my arch , I got insoles which helped me reducing the pain and then ordered another pair with more adjustments leading to proper comforters.i would strongly recommend these for people who have foot to leg pain.
Meghali Joshi
Meghali J.
08:47 25 Apr 17
Amazing soles for any kind of problem of the feet.
Sreeya Deb Gupta
Sreeya Deb G.
06:28 01 Nov 18
Will recommend to people who have flat foot and feel pain. Good product !
Zuber Singh
Zuber S.
20:03 22 Jul 18
The insoles I aquired were a very comfortable fit. Not only are they easy to wear and go about day to day life in, but one can certainly feel improvements in arch support from day 1. I would recommend to any in need of corrective insoles
Mohammed Mohsin Jowher
Mohammed Mohsin J.
18:29 06 Aug 18
I had placed an order for my insole (Order ID: 1793, Date: 30-Jul-2018)Hats off to their services, mobile app, and the final product.I am very happy and satisfied with the quality of their work, telephonic talks, the costs, professionalism and the ultimate product. At least in India, it should... stand at no.1read more
Vinay Jain
Vinay J.
06:31 13 May 18
ShapeCrunch has helped me with my heel pain n I can continue with my walks.
Jatin Sharma
Jatin S.
06:48 26 Nov 16
Got a pair of Insoles. Extremely comfortable and I regularly wear it in my casual shoes.
Sriram Srinivasan
Sriram S.
07:41 06 Apr 19
have been struggling with heel pain for past 8 months ( diagnosed as planter fasciitis and pronation of inner arch, also have a small spur) . tried various treatment including physio therapy, laser treatment, pin treatment, ayurvedic hot oil treatment but at best got temporary relief). been using... insole from sole crunch for past week and seem to be getting better relief. only time will tell about continued long term releifread more
Dakshita Khandelwal
Dakshita K.
10:30 14 May 20
Got to know about Shapecrunch through a friend, and they've been a blessing.I was unaware about my flat feet problem.Got in touch with Jatin Sharma from the team and he explained and guided me through the process very well.He suggested some good foot exercises to control the pain, and the... insoles were delivered within a week.I've been using them for almost 6 months now, and I am extremely satisfied with the result. Great quality and super effective.Thank you Jatin and Team Shapecrunch 🙂read more
Thimmaiah KM
Thimmaiah K.
07:30 25 Aug 18
Recommended to me by a physical therapist, I tried these insoles to help with my flat foot. And they're good! Right from the customisations that they offer to the delivery experience.I spend upto 10 hours a day on my feet walking in safety boots and these insoles are nothing short of a blessing.... While running too, they are a great support for my arch. The only downside for me was they are harder to fit in to dress shoes due to the heavy profile. But then, I don't wear dress shoes too often and that too just for a couple of hours. So no deal breaker there. A great product!read more
Nevin Madhukar K
Nevin Madhukar K
16:10 13 Nov 18
Looks good so far Waiting on how it works on my feet.
prateek kumar sawhney
prateek kumar S.
08:25 27 Nov 18
I have flat foot because of which there was pain in my heals , my doctor advised me for the foot insole by shapecrunch .And I'm using it from last 2 months ,it has helped me a lot in my condition , great quality n very useful product
Syamala Thelakkat
Syamala T.
06:14 15 Feb 19
It is a great product for those who suffer from foot related problems. I had severe heel pain and after using the insoles I am much better
08:38 28 Jul 18
Very nice insoles.really effective in minimizing pain
Michael Yan
Michael Y.
14:34 03 Jul 18
We operate a physiotherapy clinic and has many clients with foot problems. We are very happy with Shapecrunch as the work flow is very smooth, turn around time is very fast, and the insoles quality is consistently good. Our clients are all happy with the insoles too!
Somnath Bhattacharya
Somnath B.
01:05 30 Jan 19
Great Product, great customer service as well. Awesomely cost effective in comparison with other manufacturers in india & especially abroad.
14:27 12 May 19
Very good quality insole and very comfortable. I have high arch feet and the insoles helped me a lot with distributing the weight evenly on my feet. It also supported my knees and pelvis area by correcting my posture while walking and exercising. The people managing Shapecrunch are professional and... caring, they made the process of ordering and shipping very easy and convenient. Highly more
piyush patwal
piyush P.
09:34 27 Dec 17
Insoles reduces my pain. So I bought another pain within 6 months
Dhruv Prakash
Dhruv P.
16:55 01 Apr 19
Excellent product and service. I got insoles made from them and felt comfortable in my shoes after many years.
Sathya Sudhir
Sathya S.
15:15 17 Aug 18
The insoles are really good. My son was having knee pain which was gone within a week of wearing the insoles. Thanks to the shape crunch team for the great product. I wpuld also like to thank dr. Ajaj ahmed, physio for introducing me to shapecrunch
Sarthak Banerjee
Sarthak B.
10:47 08 Jun 19
The customer centricity of the team is remarkable. As I was feeling uncomfortable with the insole, Jatin organised a consultation with an orthopaedics and took particular care to correct the imbalance. Really appreciate the gesture.
Shubham Taparia
Shubham T.
17:28 16 Nov 18
Good quality product. I recommend other people also to use this..👍👍👍
mohini sharma
mohini S.
09:42 06 May 19
I had flat foot was so painful to walk.since last two years Ian using sole iwalk very comfortable.Quality of product very good.I use it all the time.
Marthaleena Nithin
Marthaleena N.
13:09 22 Aug 18
Very comfortable. Very happy with sole.Wish you could make the sole for slip-ons too.
Rajiv Bantwal
Rajiv B.
14:07 04 Apr 20
The fact that the insole is customized for fit closes the deal for me. I have been using these in my walking shoes since Aug 19 and they are not given me any trouble. They are GOOD. The process of owning these was seamlessly handled by their calling team and the local team. The Shapecrunch post... sales team has kept in touch all these months, something unusual but welcome. I confess that I cant go back to the other mass produced insoles in the market now. Worth every rupee and more
Manish Vichitra
Manish V.
16:36 07 Mar 19
Great solution for foot and knee issues. Wonderful and comprehensive customer support. Five stars!
Meghna Joshi
Meghna J.
14:52 01 Nov 18
These soles really helped to get the feet in shape.
Arvind Singhal
Arvind S.
08:16 30 May 18
Excellent product, service, and people! Say goodbye to lingering pains coz of misalignment, arch of your heels, the shape of your feet! Thumbs up!
Vinay Jain
Vinay J.
06:28 13 May 18
It has helped me manage my heel pain. Thank u team ShapeCrunch
Neetu Singh
Neetu S.
08:59 13 Jul 19
I did not know such technology existed, i am very happy with the insoles, it's very comfortable and gives relief from my flat foot problems. I am definitely going to suggest your brand to others.
Mindskills Mhf-powai
Mindskills M.
01:27 09 Oct 18
I ordered insole from shepecrunch on the advice of my doctor for Plantar Fasciitis. The insole is very comfortable and gives good relief to my foot problems. I am using the same for daily walking of 5.5 km. I am using it with sports shoes. Shhankar ganesh
Taruna Chakraborty
Taruna C.
09:19 30 May 18
Good soles, used for my daughter for flat foot and they are helping to build the arch
Ravi Bhushan
Ravi B.
10:38 01 Mar 19
Shapecrunch is very helpful for flat feet people. I want to give special thanks to KRISHNA ,JATIN and their entire team for your support and help. Really KRISHNA is very helpful man. Again Thank you soo much krishna and your team.
Krishna Murari
Krishna M.
03:22 10 Apr 18
The insole which I got from the shapecrunch ..I am using for comfortness... they really help me lot and provide comfort
Sophie Rodriguez
Sophie R.
14:04 18 Aug 18
Really comfortable and helped tremendously with my daughter's Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
Baghel Kaur
Baghel K.
09:13 30 Mar 19
I had a swere pain on my arch , I got insoles which helped me reducing the pain and then ordered another pair with more adjustments leading to proper comforters.i would strongly recommend these for people who have foot to leg pain.
Ankit Nandwani
Ankit N.
12:22 19 Jan 17
Great Insoles at the best price available! Medically assisted and just for my feet.
Praveen avrur
Praveen A.
08:17 14 May 19
Good , comfortable, non hurting insoles, Now i can walk and jog more. I recommend this for daily use. I use it daily, it's good. Thanks to my friend who suggested this to me.
Devam Sharma
Devam S.
13:14 06 Aug 20
The appearance and quality of this leather sandal is exceptional. From the stitching on the straps and soft touch natural leather on the footbed, the sandal is not only luxurious but would pair well with a variety of bottoms from casual cargo shorts to khaki pants. I got these because of the... customised arch support; since I have flat feet, most sandals leave me with achy feet and a backache by day’s end. In just a week of wearing they have molded to my feet and all the pain gone and thanks to shape crunch team for developing such a beautiful product and ordering is very much easy just go to application and click some picturesread more
madhu bharadwaj
madhu B.
10:27 24 Feb 17
The insoles are really comfortable. I use them in my running shoes and Hiking shoes. They provide cushion to my feet which has reduced the pain and problems of swollen feet. Thank you Shapecrunch.
Shantanu Das Gupta
Shantanu Das G.
04:28 26 May 19
Anyone with a foot problem and requiring customized insoles must consider Shapecrunch. The superb use of technology makes their solutions accessible even to people unable to visit their clinics, hence it’s a huge bonus for those not living in metros. Do check out their website and download their... app. I have a very complicated foot problem and have benefited from their product, hence I speak from experience. Highly more
Sakshi Saharawat
Sakshi S.
14:50 26 Oct 18
Shapecrunch - Reshaping the deformed feet with 3D crunch.Very much recommended from the prospective of effectivess, comfort and services. ✌👍😊
Kavita Kapur
Kavita K.
12:41 17 May 18
Good product and efficient service. Best part available online.
anuj garg
anuj G.
09:51 03 Nov 18
Orthopedician suggested me to wear soft soles for my paining heels due to high uric acid....then I tried ShapeCrunch....their insoles just fit in to your feet like shoes relief to the heels...I am highly satisfied....and would recommend to others also....
Rupali Arora
Rupali A.
08:18 17 May 18
I was not able to walk without pain ...after wearing shape crunch insoles my pain has reduced 80 %. Really will recommend to everyone
K Uday
K U.
11:52 10 May 20
Shapecrunch is the one source I know of for quality shoe insoles for helping with my problem of diverted toe (hallux valgus).I've wasted a lot of money, time and effort trying to source a good insole for addressing my problem. Everything I tried was too soft, thereby providing no arch support at... all. It was not only expensive, but cost valuable time, which resulted in my problem becoming much, much worse.After sales support at Shapecrunch was outstanding, with the team calling to check how the insoles felt, how comfortable they were, etc. They also offered me a free replacement for addressing a problem I thought I faced with the insoles. I would wholeheartedly recommend the productread more
shhankar ganesh
shhankar G.
01:29 09 Oct 18
I ordered insole from shepecrunch on the advice of my doctor for Plantar Fasciitis. The insole is very comfortable and gives good relief to my foot problems. I am using the same for daily walking of 5.5 km. I am using it with sports shoes. Shhankar ganesh
rohit sharma
rohit S.
07:29 08 Nov 18
Very professional team and whenever I get in touch it's always helpful to ensue that delivery should be asap. I have severe flat feet but with the help of these sole I ran 10km race now preparing for half marathon.
14:04 25 Oct 16
I used to have heel pain due to excessive standing and was looking for ways to give it some relief that's when I found out about Shapecrunch's custom orthotics.The insoles gave me relief. I will soon order one more pair for other shoes.
Siddharth  Sharma
Siddharth S.
07:21 01 Aug 20
Their service is very excellent 💯 and their products are exlent ❤ they delivered the product during covid-19 that's a good thing ....
Arvind Singhal
Arvind S.
10:25 22 May 18
I am very impressed w the customer service offered by Nitin and Jatin of Shapecrunch. My first insole had a high wedge, and when I apprised them that the shoe was no longer comfortable, they worked with me promptly process a new (thinner) one for me! That is real empathy—walking in a customer’s... shoes! I recommend their services without hesitation!read more
sarita vij
sarita V.
09:04 01 Mar 19
Easy to order online process. Quality of the product is quite good. It has stopped further deterioration of my flat foot. Have placed a repeat order.
Prashant Kachroo
Prashant K.
11:05 25 Sep 17
great product and available at reasonable price. amazing
07:29 25 Apr 18
Insoles are comfortable..They give good support..They fit perfectly in my running shoes.
umesh eswaran
umesh E.
02:59 29 Dec 18
Excellent professional approach and a very client friendly attitude. I would recommend it to all my European friends.
Siddharth George
Siddharth G.
06:37 17 Oct 18
the soles were really helpful...nd it helped n.a. a lot
karanjot singh
karanjot S.
12:12 19 Dec 19
Really overwhelmed by the product & service provided by shapecrunch, special thanks to Jatin, Adib & sahil 👍
Gokul Vadakkeveedu
Gokul V.
02:50 09 May 19
Really good service and product. Really makes a difference.
04:03 29 Apr 18
After an accident, I had a problem due to difference in length of my feet. I used cork elevators. But insoles made by Shapecrunch are very comfortable and are a great relief. Thank you Shivani.Suhas Joshi.
Genevieve Pinto
Genevieve P.
05:38 20 Mar 19
My daughter had a very painful corn problem and we were recommended to make a customized insole for her. The staff was super friendly and my daughter was very comfortable and happy when measurements were taken. The insoles were very comfortable and they have truly helped her in playing badminton... regularly more
Meghali Joshi
Meghali J.
17:14 28 Aug 18
The soles they make are amazing if one has any kind of issues or problems of the feet- from bunion to flat feet
Abeer Sharma
Abeer S.
13:25 22 May 18
Have been using Shapecrunch insoles for the last 3 years now. In my journey from meagre 5 kms runs to 21 kms half marathons, their insoles have played a significant role. If you are a runner, then - proper foot landing, reduced fatigue, increased cushioning and absolutely no shin pains - is what... you can expect from these more
Tanmayy Minni
Tanmayy M.
07:40 14 May 19
I tried the insoles of Shapecrunch, they are super comfortable and reduced my feet pain almost completely. Highly recommend this product for people with flat feet/pronated ankles or other feet issues.
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Review by Marathoner

“Hi, I was recommended ‘Shapecrunch ‘ for a foot analysis for my marathons by my fitness expert and strength trainer. I have been using the insoles prescribed by Shapecrunch since Jan 2018 and achieved a strong finish for a full marathon at the last TMM at Mumbai. The insoles are still going good and taking me through my weekly runs in the city and even the cross country ones. Much recommend- Shapecrunch!”