Yes, Shapecrunch insoles can be worn in all kinds of shoe. We ask your shoe preference while designing the insole to make the custom insole for your feet and your footwear. However, we recommend regular sports shoes with our insoles as it provides maximum improvement.
Shapecrunch insoles are designed as per your feet and biomechanics. It will feel awkward in the first week as your feet are not used to insoles, but soon your feet will get accustomed to the insoles and you will feel a lot better wearing them.
If you are not used to Insoles, then you should wear the insoles for not more than 2 hrs in the beginning and then gradually increase the time as mentioned below 1st week: 2-5 hours 2nd week: 5-8 hours 3rd week: Use it regularly
Shapecrunch insoles need to be placed inside your shoe. You should replace the existing Insole of your shoe with Shapecrunch Insoles. In case there is no removable insole in your shoe, then you might have to take One Size bigger shoe to use Shapecrunch Insoles.
We accept payments via Debit cards, Credit cards, Net banking or PayPal. Payments can be made online. We accept cash only from patients who visit our facility.
Yes, You can use custom insoles for comfort too. Also, custom insoles prevent any future foot injuries by providing proper support to the arch and heel cup for stability.
We take regular feedback from the patient to keep track on their progress. In case Shapecrunch insoles are not able to resolve the problem, we redesign the complete insole again provide the replacement free of cost till the problem is not resolved. We provide 6 months replacement warranty.
Yes, Shapecrunch insoles are designed through our proprietary technology which incorporates patient's feet 3D model, details of patient's physique and lifestyle as well as a doctor's prescription, if present, to provide the medically accurate insole for the patient. Additionally, each and every case is closely examined by our foot specialists to ensure everything is correct. Moreover, we are doing clinical research with AIIMS, New Delhi (One of the best hospitals of India) to validate our medical accuracy. 450+ patients have used our insoles and have felt the benefits.
Shapecrunch Orthotics have a life of more than 2 years under normal usage. In case of vigorous physical activity, like football or tennis for more than 1 hour a day, the life is around 1 to 2 years. We provide One Year Warranty on the product.
Our custom insole is made of 2 layers. The upper layer is made of Poron which is antimicrobial and has air pores and the lower layer is 3D printed with Flexible PLA.
Correction of biomechanics, overpronation, supination: Our custom insoles provide arch support, heel cup, lateral and medial wedging leading to correction in biomechanics Diabetic foot: Off loading is one feature of our custom insoles which helps in diabetic foot Corn and calluses: Extra cushioning Comfort: The material we use is Poron which is soft and antimicrobial Shin pain, ankle pain, knee pain: Arch support and heel cup provide stability to the foot which prevents from all these pain. Features: Arch support, heel cup, cushioning, comfort, lateral and medial wedging, off loading
Shapecrunch's custom insoles deal with almost all kind of foot problems such as flat feet, bunions, corns and calluses, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, over pronation, shin pain, knee pain, diabetic foot, osteoarthritis, correction of bio-mechanics and comfort.

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