Foot Care at home
Common Foot Problems and Foot Hygiene

Most of us don’t pay attention to our feet, but the feet being the base of our body bears whole weight. Originally it was designed to walk on natural, soft surfaces like sand grass. Instead, we now spend most of the time in a day on unnatural hard surfaces. As a result lot of stress can cause many foot problems especially when we don’t care about the footwear. Walking in wrong shoes could lead to many foot ailments like heel pain, back pain, knee pain etc. If you neglect your feet, it could also lead to more serious issues related with rest of your body

Some common   foot problems occur due to improper footwear

Bunion – It is present as a bump on side of big toe. It mostly occurs when improper pressure being exerted on try not to wear too tight shoes. Choose shoes with broad and deep toe box and also applying ice packs to reduce swelling over the particular area.

Corn & calluses– It is a thickening of the skin, either diffused or circumscribed on the area exposed to persistent abnormal friction. Pressure and friction from repetitive actions cause corn and calluses to develop. To avoid this problem you are advised to use pumice stone to scrub out the dead skin while washing your feet. And be sure to dry the feet completely including between the toes and moisturise properly.

Ingrown toe nails– It is the common condition of the toe nails in which the corners of the nails turned inward and grows into the skin. This result in swelling, redness, pain in that particular avoids this problem. Make sure to cut your toe nails straight across rather than into a rounded shape. Smooth out the corners with filer.

Planter fasciitis-planter fascia is a thick band that connects your heel to ball of the foot which helps in supporting the arch of your foot. Wearing improper footwear like high heels creates too much tension on planter fascia causes inflammation of planter fascia known as planter fasciitis.

Common Foot Hygiene problems

Athletes foot : it is a kind of fungal infection which creates dry scaling skin on the sole of the feet and between the mainly affects to the person suffer from sweaty to avoid this condition change your socks frequently spray any anti -microbial talcum powder on your feet and specially between the toes to prevent from excessive sweating.

Nail fungus– It is a condition of the infection of the skin which creates thickening, discoloration, pain of the nail bed. It can be treated at home at its first stage by maintaining proper hygiene of the feet.

Home Foot Care

You don’t need to spend so much money in order to get the proper treatment for your feet. Just giving few minutes a day you can keep your feet free from foot problems. These are some few steps that will help you in avoiding many foot ailments.

  1. Make sure your shoes are fitted properly- properly fitting running shoes should feel snug in the heel and mid foot. With wiggle room around the toes, while standing check for proper length and width by pressing your thumb down next to the ball of your foot and around toes. A good fit should allow for half to full thumbs width of space.
  2. Don’t walk barefoot-walking on hard, flat surfaces like pavements, marbles and other floors that force our feet to flatten and twist which causes various foot problems in the foot and then the rest of the body. Walking barefoot also makes the foot more prone to bacterial and fungal try wearing properly fitted shoes to avoid these problems.
  3. Maintain proper hygiene-wash your feet regularly and try to soaking your feet in warm water that will help you in relaxing your foot muscles and make you calm and relax your mind.
  4. Scrub your feet with pumice stone to remove the dead skin and then apply some moisturiser after drying
  5. Cut your toe nails straight and file the edges with strokes in one direction to avoid injury to the cuticles.
  6. Most importantly drink lot of water and hydrate your skin and body to avoid cracks and dryness of the skin.