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From App based Foot Scanning to Custom 3D Printed Insoles with Arch Support

Scan your feet with Shapecrunch app, and get 3D Printed Orthotics within 7 days.

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Custom Designed and 3D Printed by Doctors and Engineers

We only want you to scan your foot with our mobile app, rest is taken care by our team. As soon as we get the scan, first step is analysis by medical professionals to look for misalignment in the foot, pain areas, pain levels, other problems such as back pain, knee pain, ankle pain. After that, corrections required for each product are suggested to engineers. Engineers make 3D models of insoles, which is validated by medical team.  Last step is 3D Printing of insoles, and applying upper cushioning material based on BMI.

Step 1 - Scan using Shapecrunch Mobile App
Innovative App based scanning process. We capture 2000+ points of your foot using our smart application
Iphone App for Foot Scan and Custom Insoles
Android App for Foot Scan and Custom Insoles
Shapecrunch app tutorial
Shapecrunch Foot Scan
Shapecrunch Foot Scan
Step 2 - Shapecrunch does foot analysis and design
Using our proprietary algorithm we generate a point cloud and design the 3D Model of orthotics.
Shapecrunch process - 3D Printing of insoles, 3D Printed orthotics, Custom 3D Printed shoe, 3D printing of footwear
Foot Pain remedies
Step 3 - Shapecrunch manufactures your shoe insole
We use 3D Printing technology to make personalised shoe inserts.
Shapecrunch 3D printed insoles, 3D Printing of orthotics , Shapecrunch custom 3D Printing insoles
Shoe Insoles and orthotics

Why Shapecrunch’s 3D Printed Insoles ?

Shapecrunch has pioneered the process of making 3D Printed Orthotics. Shapecrunch’s 3D Printed Insoles have variable density which provides ultimate comfort to your feet. It makes the insole rigid at areas where movement needs to be restricted (usually heel) and flexible at areas where movement should be free (forefront). This ensures biomechanics are corrected and flexibility is maintained.  Also we look for structural deformities and correct them using custom made orthotics. These corrections are done by variations in Design and Material. For each individual design and material changes are done so that individual’s biomechanics stay right and person stays pain free.